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"On the Move: A Return to Vastness"

 “On the Move: A Return to Vastness” is one woman’s journey contemplating life’s mysteries while walking through life. An intimate integration of foundational aspects of Buddhist, Taoist, and yoga philosophy woven with prose, personal truth, and observances from nature through the lenses of wandering, meditation, and contemplation.

It’s a book about the heart’s journey through inner and outer landscapes; the contemplations of a wandering soul.

Thank you for the support! This book was written, edited, digitally illustrated and produced by Kelsey Wishik and Catalyst Conscious LLC. I hope this text inspires your own continual transformation journey and all of your purchases will go towards developing further Catalyst Offerings. If you would like to donate toward the publication of future books and projects please feel free to donate! 

Book Reviews:

"It changed me, in the best way.  It brought back feelings and thoughts I let fade. I cried at times, laughed at times, but always put it down feeling the beauty of life. This vulnerability will bring good to all who read it! It made me remember that life is beautiful but we just have to be present to see it." -Taylor C. 

"A transcendentalist wonder! You won't be disappointed!" -Megan

"I am touched by feelings of warmth, familiarity, and understanding when reading these words." -Laura

"Truly one of my favorite books. I love the perspective that it has on life and the joy. You really do a great job at communicating this, and when things get difficult, your words bring me comfort. Thank you for the joy" -Lauren M. 

"The writing ability and ideas about the value of everything that occurs in our lives to shape us is so insightful and beautiful. I’ve been in recovery for many years and so much of what you express resonates with my life and how  I attempt to navigate my way through  the human experience. Impressed and amazed" -Lewis

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