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For humanity, to seek is a timeless tradition. My own seeking journey has been inspired by traditions from all over the globe. Around the age of 20, I began to go on treks, expeditions, and vision quests, often alone in hopes to bring myself closer to the myths I had learned about in various traditions, from books, from teachers, from meditation, and various forms of initiation and training. I was looking for treasure, and I realized at a young age that true treasure in this world is immaterial and often invisible.  It is what eludes us in a busy, conditioned, challenging world. It is peace, gratitude, adventure, integration of our lessons into wisdom, personal truth, and love.  These are informal, authentic, humanistic reflections I kept and bundled from some of my experiences searching for vastness and perspective.  Although the path never ends, I feel personally called to share all of what I’ve learned. If you find even one word in this text to be useful, my heart is full. 

On the Move: A Return to Vastness

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