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About Catalyst Conscious: Movement and Mind Technologies©

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Catalyst Conscious  was created by Kelsey Wishik; a multimedia artist, movement practitioner, musician, and instructor from the Southeastern United States. Catalyst Conscious designs and facilitates experiences and offerings through these pillars: movement, art, yoga, music, and nature. Through developing and sharing these vehicles we can co-creatively enrich ourselves and our communities. 

Catalyst offers movement experiences, immersions, and education through a multi-cultural perspective blending classical yoga with contemporary, somatic, and primal movement, the Five Element Systems, principles of Taoism and martial arts.

Additionally, Catalyst's mission includes building relationships, communities, and projects around its pillar focuses. Collaborations across disciplines build inclusive, creative, sustainable cultures nationally and internationally. See our Allies here.


Art--in all its forms--can bridge our many differences, speak to all languages and economic statuses. Artful and conscious projects range from Art and Empowerment Workshops, Creative cultural exchange, Residency Programs, Permaculture, bioremediation, and service work. 



Catalyst Conscious practices and teaching styles emphasize the body-mind-spirit as intelligent matrix or tool each with a unique nature through which we channel consciousness. The main pursuit of Catalyst's efforts is to offer trainings, experiences, and programs that work towards the refinement of the primary vehicle of our consciousness. 


Mind/body connection is emphasized alongside biomechanics, intuition, developing self-knowing, empowerment joyful healing, and creative expression. Movement, music, art, nature, and mindfulness are major doorways into our life experience, and through practicing with them, we can cultivate sensitive, healthy, adaptable, resilient, and creative experiences.  


  • Offer multi-disciplinary self-actualizing, skill-building workshops, retreats, classes, and programs that ultimately offer opportunities to deepen the human experience.

  • Build mutually empowering communities within through, yoga, movement, meditation, healing, and the arts

  • Focus on nature as an integral source of health and incorporate that perspective into offerings, relationships, and training modalities

  • Provide sustainable, joyful, transformational training of the body, mind, and spirit.

  • Work from where we are! All circumstances offer an opportunity for continued empowerment. This is the meaning of CATALYST. 
    All moments are opportunities to IGNITE OUR POTENTIAL.

Alchemizes change, cultivates community, and empowers holistic, artistic well-being.

We start where we are and everyone is invited. Change starts within.

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More Catalyst Experiences

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