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Primal Fitness  &  Mixed Movement Training

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Break free from exercise as calorie control, blind reps at the gym and discover personal freedom through movement—master and know your self—your true natural, primal self. 


Primal Fitness is a training style based in primal principles: natural, functional strength, biomechanics, range of motion, mobility, dynamic movement within all planes, contact with the earth, and understanding one’s authentic nature.


The primal fitness training method is Kelsey’s personal preferred style of training for 360 degree strength, intelligent movement, creative freedom, and connection to our deeper nature—the part of ourselves that comes from nature. This method integrates various styles from Kelsey’s 22 years+ as an athlete, mover, martial artist, and primal soul. 


Cross-crawl methods (coordination) are employed to build dynamic core strength and responsiveness. Functional movement patterns like crawls, hops, leaps, balancing, strikes, kicks, ground-movement, rolls, squats, presses, pulls, are blended with creative drills derived from martial arts, animal kung fu, yoga, resistance training, dance, and calisthenics to create a truly unique program that will unlock your inherent movement capabilities, cultivate natural strength, musculature, joy, and a sustainable fitness mindset—so much more than being “bikini ready”. This system considers the longevity, sensitivity power of the body in a holistic sense--we will always work the body as an integrated vehicle--not part by part. 


This training style increases physical strength, speed, but also sensitivity, proper recovery, and integration of mind-body connections. Kelsey has personally trained with these methods all over the world, from desert, jungle, and gym, and has used primal principles to train people from all backgrounds and experience levels, witnessing some truly amazing transformations.


Fitness Testimonials

"I really enjoyed training with Kelsey. The training was shaped around the level and technical abilities of individuals attending the course, and clear improvements could be observed from everyone at the end of each session as well as ultimately at the end of the course. Her instructions are very clear, and additionally she guides your breathing patterns and makes you aware of tremendously important subtleties of each and every exercise. I highly recommend her training to anyone looking for a well-designed training experience!   -Matin Bahmanabadi ​

"Kelsey is a great instructor, when I started her class I was nervous but she went out of her way to make sure all the students were comfortable. Her knowledge of exercise positions is unmatched. During her class I used muscles I didn't even know I had, stress melted away and she made sure that all the students no matter their level were making progress. 

                       -Ahmed Legesse

"I must begin by saying Kelsey Wishik is one of the best teachers I have had in my life so far. She is kind, caring, but still challenges you. She never sacrifices personal confidence and understanding for physical strength, and always encourages her students to grow both mentally as well as physically. Her strengths lie in her compassion and ability, but most importantly in the talent she has to combine these into a great program for people of all levels and experiences. She has had such a meaningful impact on my thoughts about movement and how I show up to every day."

                                  -Cayleigh Romano

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