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Qi Cultivator

Qi Cultivator is a style of training based in Qi Gong, Tai Chi, and the Five Elements System: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether. It promotes the cultivation of "Qi" or life-force energy. Qi Gong is a practice suitable for all body-types, ages, and levels of experience.  Its foundation is based on internal transformation first, called "inner alchemy" as we draw in nutrient rich Qi from graceful, rhythmic movement. The internal support of these vital energies naturally expand to nourish and balance the physical body. Qi Cultivator adapts to seasons, promotes total body holistic health with a focus on grounding, immunity, flexibility, balance, and heart-health. Most importantly, Qi Cultivator's practices are based in observance of the natural world, and the lineage of Qi Gong reaches back as far as 2690 BCE.

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More about Qi Gong and Qi Cultivator

Integrated Qi Gong Forms

For reference or personal investigation, the following forms and movements from Qi Gong are utilized within Catalyst Conscious offerings. They can be inquired about directly and specific workshops are hosted to explore these forms.

The Eight Brocades

Fang Song Gong

Yi Jin Jing

Kuan Jin Qi Gong

Seasonal Qi Gong

Intuitive Qi Gong

1:1 Rates

Private Lessons

1 on 1, 1 hour single session: $75

5 session bundle:  = $350

10 session bundle= $725

**please inquire for sliding scale opportunities.

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