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These purchasable courses are available to those who want to deepen their self-awareness in body, mind, and spirit

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Introduction into the Chakras

Chakras in yoga are "hubs" or "wheels of energy" within the subtle body. They are energetic centers within the deeper layers of our being that influence our physical bodies, our mental, emotional, mental, and spiritual balances. 


We can now measure technologically the enerrgetic field around the body and it's various organs, and we know that all matterr is fundamentally vibrational energy. The Chakra system 


This course will intrroduce some of the main chakras, how to interact with and underrstand their current cegree of balance/imbalance, as well as energize and harrmonize them thrrough practice.


Course fee includes:

-One complete 7 Chakra Yoga Practice (1 hour)

-One 15 minute guided Marma point massage activation for Chakras

-One complete guided Chakra Balancing Meditation

-One in-depth video lecture with presentation on the Chakras, their functions and associations, as well as useful information on how to work with and understand them.  

Course Price: $155.00


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