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No matter what generation we are born into or come from, there are unique stressors, challenges, and continual movement within everyday life. Meditation offers us the opportunity to return to equanimity, or begin our journey towards establishing it for the first time. Consistently practiced meditation can help develop stability within the mind which transforms the life that continues outside of meditation. Meditation allows us to experience the spaciousness underlying each moment, no matter what is going on in our inner and outer worlds. We touch an experience of the present that is unaffected by judgment, separation, classification or concept. Meditation is sitting in the WHAT IS. 

There are many philosophies and traditions of meditation--and they are all vehicles to our innermost knowing, interconnectivity, and belongingness. In Buddhism it is said that meditation is like a raft in a wild sea. Once we have reached the shore of stability through our practice, we no longer need the vehicle. Utilize the tools and the meditative process unfolds as one dedicates themselves to consistent practice. From wherever we begin, our experience widens  through built sensitivity, established presence and stability, and the ability to manage emotions, thoughts, and stressors with integrated personal understanding. Catalyst Conscious offers meditation instruction. programs, and training. 



Meditation Forms

Guided Meditation-any form of meditation can be guided, or instruction can be received through audio/visual aid.

Vipassanā- commonly known as insight meditation; involving concentration on the body or its sensations, and the arising insight which this provides.

Metta- loving-kindness meditation in the Buddhist tradition

Visualization- the process of visualizing healing, insight, and even navgation throughthe physical and subtle bodies aimed toward various focuses. For example: one could be guided in a visualization for relaxation, sleep, or one to invoke healing responses in physical areas of the body. 


Mindfulness- Mindfulness is the practice of establishing awareness in the present in all that we do. 

Intuitive/Personal- meditation is deeply personal. There are innumerable methods through which one can find a deeper understanding of this inherent connection. These personal practices or affinities are invaluable when cultivated. Catalyst can help you unearth and develop these.

Meditation training

Meditation training can be offered from all listed modalities.  Arrangements outside of workshops and scheduled events are arranged on a case by case basis. 1 on 1, couples, and group sessions are available in-person, virtually, and through recorded instruction programs.  Please reach out for inquiries.

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