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Actualizing ourselves to meet our dreams, goals, and transformations takes time, tools, and accountability. Having a witness, support system, and tried tools for personal discovery can be invaluable on our journey. Catalyst can help you initiate and cultivate personal change, whether that be working towards a physical goal, or helping you witness and manifest your own creative processes towards their realization.  

Coaching can be framed around realizing and supporting a project, moving tthrough personal transitions, grief, rites of passage, or molded towards a yoga or movement based program. Any of Catalyst's offerings can be interwoven to meet you where you are and support your desired direction within our professional scope. 

Catalyst Conscious is not certified for therapy, but does do trauma-informed work, vision realization, movement programs, personal training, professional accountability, meditation training, life-path workshopping, and rites of passage. 

How to Move Forward: 

Send an inquiry to book a free consultation. All programs are personalized and rates vary. 

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