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Soul Work--Embodied Arts

As an artist, I enjoy beautifying shared spaces, imbuing objects with a sense of sacred observation through the work. I enjoy seeing color on surfaces, strange sculptural forms that represent reality’s subjectivity. Each medium offers different qualities and capabilities. However, it is the SOUL that is the medium, the tool that precedes all tools, traditions, and methods. Consciousness is the medium through which our intentions pass seeking connection and a reflection in our physical worlds. While being led for a long time now on my own soul -recognition journey, the past few years have shown me the deeper significance of doing this kind of work as I watch the world around me shift and sense the inner worlds of people struggling to remain connected to the expressions of their most intrinsic gifts—their own consciousness and soulfulness. The Soul work I do involves training the consciousness through the mind, body, and soul mediums. We pass inquiry and practice through our consciousness, learning to reflect on the differences between concept and embodiment, fantasy and realization of our essential needs and callings, and actualizing a desired embodiment so we can meet those callings and transitions. This is done through breath and body work, meditation, creative self-inquiry practices, an alliance with nature//an understanding of the person’s personal nature. We are all composed uniquely, therefore our blocks, conditioning, desires, and needs are all unique and the work of bringing them into balance requires a unique way of seeing.

The healing and Soul work I have been doing has always been serendipitous. I meet people—we sense each other—and I end up working intimately with folks in a healing capacity as an ally to their soul work— their physical healing, their striving toward more embodied expression of their empowerment. This work and the transformations I’ve witnessed have been rather shocking and deeply inspiring to all involved, most of all myself as I’ve seen what happens when people actualize their own intentions (to heal, create something, release an identity pattern/ any number of things). Before now, I have only loosely referenced this aspect of my life through art, poetry, and yoga, but am now realizing Embodied Art—The Soul Work is a potent bundle well suited to counterpose these times of compulsive sensationalism and loss of understanding of our empowered selves—including the ability to bring balance, joy, adaptability, and strength, to the emotional, mental, and physical bodies. I see this need and I am open to working with people individually and groups, to collaborate with others who work toward this aim for the betterment of the inner ones that manifest outwardly as all of us getting shit done. (Take care of that soul while you put it to work.) I’m open to working with one or two more sincere seekers in such a soulful fashion. My company>> is designed to create experiential learning containers for inner understanding and integration through outer practices of movement and expression. What I teach is Embodied Art, Yoga, and Meditation, Somatic and Primal Movement, and what I know is that our inner lives are gardens with need for as much cultivation, cleansing, tilling, and fulfilling as the outer investments and expectations. What qualifies me is the realness of self-actualizing under tension—years of embodied practice--extensive yoga training and all the fun certificates. Beneath that I am an artful human being who keeps showing up to do my own soulwork in-process and know how difficult it can be without supportive cultures. If nothing else, may this serve your reflecting along the way to your dreams and if we can work together, reach out to me. Reminding that I serve as a guide and my teaching philosophy in all mediums is to empower you to be wizened by your own embodied experience, and to discover the true joy and freedom that dwells in the process.

With Love,


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